...this song of the week is dedicated to founding Steely Dan member, Walter Becker

In the wake of the passing of guitarist, bassist, and writer Walter Becker, we found it only fitting that this week's Song Of The Week be dedicated to none other than the iconic Steely Dan. Though it was tough to choose any one song that truly embodied the Steely Dan aesthetic, one song that stands out for me is "Do It Again" from the "Can't Buy A Thrill" album. It may sound cliche (who doesn't love this song?) but have you actually listened to this song? I mean, this song DRIVES. From the perfection of Donald Fagen's lead vocal, to Denny Dias' sickening guitar solo, the song is intensely nostalgic. Becker and Fagen's writing (as well as Fagen's iconic Yamaha YC-30 solo on the track) really informed the song's direction.  Known for being staunch perfectionists (read: pains in the ass), Steely Dan has given us music that defies categorization. 

Ladies, Gents, and Everybody Else - Do It Again 

In this video: 1973 Midnight Special live performance with David Palmer on lead, dubbed over with album version that features Fagen on the lead vox - yes it's shady, but do you really want to hear any other version? Exactly. Enjoy.

Steely Dan - "Do It Again"